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Granita RF Board

The Granita is a RFNM daughterboard named after the Granita chip from Arctic Semiconductors. It is similar in performance to the IceWings, for which a public page is available.

  • 10-7200 MHz operation: 600 to 7200 MHz directly via the Granita chip, with an external RFFC2071 mixer extending it down to 10 MHz.
  • Concurrent transmission and reception on two different frequencies, or two different receive channels active at the same time.
  • Two low phase noise synthesizers, each connected to a receive path, to allow tuning one PLL while using the other in a ping-pong manner to sweep extremely fast while sampling the same RF input (switched at the frontend).
  • Complex frontend with 13 preselection filters, several LNAs, two chained transmit amplifiers and variable attenuators. Transmission power of around 20 dBm. Find a block diagram of the frontend here.
  • Two embedded antennas covering most of the operating frequency, Pulse W3796 and Partron ACS5200HFAUWB.

The Granita Daughterboard

Current development status

Power, clocking, frontend and basic operation are verified. Not the entire frequency range was tested, and there are important I/Q imbalances that might be the result of a deeper issue.