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LTE Disciplined Oscillator

You are probably familiar with GPS Disciplined Oscillators. They are devices that can provide a frequency standard by synching to the GPS signal. Unfortunately, they don't work indoor.

Another very accurate signal that is all around us and that can also be used to derive a standard is the one coming from the cellphone network. This one does work indoor!

By listening in on those LTE frequencies we can derive a frequency standard accurate to 10 ppb, and use it to program the Si5510 with the correct NCO offset. In other words, you can say goodbye to frequency errors as long as you are not in the middle of a desert.

This is the reason why both of our RF daughterboards have embedded antennas: being able to pickup the LTE reference all of the time.

Current development status

The so called NLM module has already been implemented by NXP on the LA9310. Our job will be as simple as porting existing work. You can find a demo video on the NXP's LA9310 product page, as well as a brief PDF presentation.