LA9310, Si5510, i.MX8MP, 4GB LPDDR4,
64GB eMMC 5.1, Machined enclosure
$ 299
1x TX/RX, 1-3500 MHz, LMS7002M,
Machined enclosure
$ 179
Simple board useful for testing
$ 29
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Campaign FAQ:
When will you ship?
Hardware is in stock and ready to ship.
Where will you ship from? What about VAT?
The boards will be assembled, tested and shipped from from Italy, which is why we are collecting VAT for EU shipments. There is an option to add your VAT-ID to get VAT reverse-charged.
Why should RFNM be trusted?
A few positive points:
  • We have already fulfilled a first batch for previous backers.
  • We proved the hardware, and are showing it to others.
  • We have very close relationships with the vendors we are working with, like NXP.
  • We are bringing an absolutely innovative piece of tecnology to the market.
  • Because we believe in this project to the point of stocking up on significant amounts of hardware before taking in a single penny.
Which daughterboard should I choose?
We recommend the Lime daughterboard. It is cheaper, and the RFIC is well proven as a solid and working design in the market. The Granita RFIC has lower phase noise and a wider frequency range, but has existing problems that we cannot fix without help from Actric Semi. Please see the documentation on the Granita board for more information.
What's the best daughterboard for amateur radio?
Honestly, none of them. We will have daughterboards dedicated to HAM and already have some interesting ideas on how to implement them, but neither Granita nor Lime are designed for low frequency.
I've changed my mind. Can I get a refund?
No. All campaign contributions are final and non-refundable. We cannot find ourselves in a position where our backers are asking for a refund en-masse (for example, due to an unforeseen delay), so it's important to be clear about this.
What SDR software will be supported in the beginning?
You can find more information in our documentation, for both hardware and software.
Will I need to assemble the boards?
No, the boards will be delivered pre-assembled and pre-tested in a configuration that we consider optimal.