Manufacturing update


What’s missing:

  • PCB, expected this week.
  • SN220E (eSIM), expected March 5th-10th. We might assemble without it if it doesn’t look like the SN220Es are coming anytime soon.

Expected timeline:

  • Our assembly house, where we have already booked time on the line, will need around 20 days from the moment they have all of the components. If the SN220E arrives by the 10th of March, we expect the motherboard back by the 1st of April. Flashing, testing and shipping would then follow.


What’s missing:

  • Granita RFIC, expected this week.

Expected timeline:

  • Granita daughterboards should be assembled by the end of March. The risk here is mostly around performance and whatever the latest PCB changes left behind batch-killing mistakes.


What’s missing:

  • Second batch of Lime RFIC, expected around the end of March (the manufacturing batch is bigger than the batch of Lime chips we bought in anticipation of it).
  • Lime PCB, that was delayed, but will be here before the chips.

Expected timeline:

  • Late April, completely dependent on sourcing the LMS7002M.

Breakout board

Those are being manufactured in good volumes and should be here before anything else is in a shippable condition.

Motherboard heatsink

Also currently being manufactured, also in good volumes, will also be here before the end of March. We secured the supply on the heatsink fans, which came in a surprisingly heavy box.

Daughterboard heatsinks

Unfortunately neither heatsink is ready for manufacturing yet, so there is a chance this ends up delaying shipping of the Granita daughterboard. Lime should not be affected.

Davide Cavion,